French Bulldog Iron On Patch: The Facts + The Making Video

The French Bulldog Patch:

The French Bulldog iron on patch is based on a flat style drawing of an adorable Frenchie and is sized approximately 6.5cm high x 6cm wide. The French Bulldog patch is fully embroidered and features an easy to use iron-on backing. This patch is designed, manufactured and shipped by Hatty Hats Embroidery in the United Kingdom.

The colours used:

There is a total of 6 colours used to make this French Bulldog iron on patch, these colours consist of; light grey, white, pink, black, dark grey and brown. Both the greys, the pink and the white are the main colours used and make up the bulk of this Frenchie patch, the black and the brown are then used for smaller detailing on the eyes and mouth.

The stitch count:

(Total number of times the embroidery needle moves up & down.)

The French Bulldog iron on patch has a total of 9575 stitches, uses 114 foot of thread and takes our embroidery machines roughly around 20 minutes to produce. Check out the video below to see this patch being made, see if you can count the stitches ;-).

The cool facts:

  • French Bulldogs don’t actually come from France, their origins are from the United Kingdom.
  • The breed of French Bulldogs may seem popular today however their peak popularity was in the early 1900’s.
  • French Bulldogs were bred to be companion animals.

The making video:

To keep this design tidy all the colours are blocked together and laid from the lowest to the highest. 

  1. Our embroidery machine first lays the light grey for the lower chin, the right side of the head and both ears. 
  1. The machine then changes to the white thread and lays the cheeks and the eye foundations. 
  1. Then, the machine switches to the pink colour and lays the main part of the mouth. 
  1. Next the black is laid over the right eye and a small bit of detail below the right ear. 
  1. After this the machine then changes to the dark grey where it lays the main part of the nose and remainder of the head on the left side. 
  1. The brown is then selected and both the eyes are laid. 
  1. Next the machine moves back to the black colour where it lays the centre and outline of the eyes, the nose detail and the mouth detail. 
  1. The pink colour is selected again and the centre of both ears are laid. 
  1. Finally our machine then switch back to the white, adds a little glare to the eyes and finishes off laying a border to this French Bulldog Patch.

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