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Fried Egg Baseball Cap and Fried Egg Iron on Patch by Hatty Hats Embroidery About Us Page

Welcome to Hatty Hats Embroidery; you've landed on our about us page because, like us, you're captivated by our legendary collection of hats, and patches and you need to know more... (*drum roll please...*)

Wow, that's quite the intro, even we have to say - and we wrote it; we hope our about us page stands up to the intro!

So, who on earth are Hatty Hats Embroidery, and why are they (we) so awesome? (*sigh*)

Hatty Hats Embroidery was set up in 2016 by founder Bradley Gravett, a third-generation embroidery specialist. The business was initially just a playful side hobby fueled by the passion of the art, experimenting with the boundaries of what can be achieved with embroidery.

Using the equipment, experience and machinery from the 1956 incorporated family business (spoiler alert - our equipment is not from 1956, it's just our knowledge that is). Our founder, Bradley, spent an awful amount of time experimenting with designs and machinery to maximise and extend the boundaries of what can be achieved with modern embroidery.

Yeah, we had some ups and downs in the early days, but what business doesn't, right! However, we very quickly realised we weren't the only people who loved what we were doing, and, within an incredibly short space of time, we started to build up a very loyal customer base of like-minded shoppers, and the rest was history, literally.

Hatty Hats Embroidery now work very closely with a vast array of incredibly talented designers from across the globe who help us design and produce some of the most 'awesomest' hats and patches you'll ever see!

We are Hatty Hats Embroidery, and there's a hat for that!

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