Iron on Instructions

1. Set your iron to the hottest setting. Please don’t use the steam setting.
2. Position the patch where you want it.
3. Place a thin tea towel or pillow case over the patch for protection from the high heat.
4. Place the hot iron on the patch and apply pressure for 40 seconds.
5. Then, turn the patch over and repeat steps 3 & 4 from the reverse side.
6. Allow to cool and your done!

✏️ ✏️ ✏️ PLEASE NOTE ✏️ ✏️ ✏️
- Ironable patches work best with denim and thicker cotton materials.
- Once your patch is applied we highly recommend sewing a couple of tacking stitches to help keep it in place.
- Please don't apply a hot iron directly to your patch, always place a thin tea towel or pillow case between the iron and the patch / garment for protection.
- Your protective layer could be singed by your iron so please be sure to use an older tea towel or pillow case your not worried about.
- Remember, if your garment is not iron safe you can always just sew our patches on! use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Find out more information on how we use cookies by clicking the ‘privacy policy’ link below.